Nature-based healthcare designs
that promote healing and well-being

We create nature-inspired experiences for a wide range of medical settings including mental health, rehabilitative and assisted living. We incorporate evidence-based design elements such as walking trails, water features, wildlife habitats, shaded seating, native and edible plantings and flower gardens. These therapeutic landscapes, healing gardens and green spaces bring the calming, restorative powers of nature to today’s high-tech and, often, high-stress healthcare environments. Increasingly, research and horticultural therapists confirm that being in, or surrounded by, nature promotes healing and well-being by reducing blood pressure, anxiety, depression and fear. We plan for the inside as much as the outside by capitalizing on window views and atriums, always designing for the maximum therapeutic benefit for your patients, staff and visitors.

Rogers Memorial Hospital Brown Deer Therapy Garden, Brown Deer, WI

Rogers Memorial Hospital, “Life.Worth.Living.” Therapy Garden for the Eating Disorder Program, Delafield, WI. The first of its kind in the country.  Before and After Photos of the Entrance (top) and Before and After Photos of the Exit (bottom).   -- Photos by Jonathan Irish  

Eldergarten (3).jpg
Eldergarten (2).jpg
Eldergarten (1).jpg

Raised garden beds for the elderly community, St. Matthews Eldergarten, Kenosha, WI