Nature playgrounds
that spark children’s imaginations

In our computerized world, nature playgrounds offer children the opportunity to unplug and engage in spontaneous outdoor play. As author Richard Louv, best known for his book, Last Child in the Woods, has popularized the concept that children need Vitamin N (nature), more educators and parents are seeking to engage Mother Nature as the teacher. And K-12 schools and daycare centers are turning to us to transform their traditional playgrounds or build brand-new nature play centers. Studies show sensory-rich, nature activities play an important role in a child’s emotional, social, physical and cognitive development, whether it’s a solitary or group experience. Nature playgrounds go beyond swing sets and jungle gyms to include climbing walls, rolling knolls, grassy getaways, tree forts, sand pits, rock caves, water stations, garden plots and secret spots. We’ll work with you to design the age-appropriate play activities that best fit your needs and budget.

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Installing Playhouse at Penfield Children's Center, Milwaukee, WI