Healthcare & Community TESTIMONIALS


Tim was a garden angel who fell into our laps. We’re so fortunate he found us and volunteered his time and services. I can’t imagine what we would have done without him. He was crucial to the whole process.  He gets our vision for this art-garden community. We wanted this to be a beautiful, park-like setting and a garden. He’s also patient and understands our fundraising challenges and can adapt plans if we need to scale back or postpone something. He’s very open to revisions. He’s not just an architect or designer; he’s been overall resource in how to do this and what we can and can’t do. We now have 38 gardeners who have rented our raised beds. We had a very successful first season, thanks to Tim.

- Janice Erickson, President, St. Matthew’s ElderGarten, Community Garden, Kenosha, WI


One of the projects Tim worked on for Rogers Memorial Hospital was turning a parking lot into a therapeutic landscape at our outpatient center. We knew we wanted someone who had a lot of creativity because it looked like an impossible project and yet he never treated it that way.  He had a can-do attitude and commitment to bringing nature and native trees, grasses and perennials into the industrial park. He was genuinely interested in what we, as a client, wanted. He listened to the needs of the clinical staff in what they were looking for in the design. At the same time, it was important to him that his work contribute to the greater good. I believe that’s one reason he’s so passionate about designing therapeutic landscapes.

- Melanie Hammer, Certified Horticultural Therapist and Consultant to Rogers Memorial Hospital, Oconomowoc, WI


Most of us did not have any experience in implementing a community garden, so our main goal was to recruit people who could support the development the project and donate time and expertise. When we read Tim's resume, we knew we hit the lottery.  Tim is a very interesting, artistic, thoughtful and kind person, beyond being very good at landscape architecture. He brings scope and dimension to our meetings. He's the voice of reason and he has many contacts in the field that have also been helpful. 

- Holly Stoddard, Treasurer, St. Matthew’s ElderGarten, Community Garden, Kenosha, WI