Commercial Testimonials


Tim’s forte is his ability to plan for the overall but he also knows how the intimate pieces work together. As a landscape architect, it is easy to focus on one aspect of the profession. Tim is as passionate about plants as a horticulturalist; as enthusiastic for development and organization as an urban planner; and as detailed and design-oriented as a landscape architect.

- Richard Slayton, RLA, ASLA, EDAC, Senior Landscape Architect/Land Planner, ERDMAN, Madison, WI


In this market, there’s only a handful of creative landscape architects who will take the time or have the desire to try a new idea. Tim always leads with what’s cool and creative and if we have to pull back because of budget or other reasons, we will. With Tim you also get a back-to-nature approach; it’s sort of an ideology. Tim aligns well with clients who want natural patterns within a nontraditional design.

- Chris Hitch, P.E., Vice President, Trio Engineering, Milwaukee, WI


Tim’s a champion for turning outdoor areas into therapeutic landscapes. He’s a champion for sustainability and using native plantings to benefit the environment as well as the client and the people who use the space. He’s creating landscapes that will last a long time. He doesn’t design just for what will work today; he wants it to make a contribution to the environment 50 years from now.

- Melanie Hammer, Certified Horticultural Therapist and Consultant to Rogers Memorial Hospital, Oconomowoc, WI


Tim has flair; he’s an excellent designer. His site-development plans are organized and well thought-out, and his landscape plans are creative and, at the same time, functional.  Tim has a solid grasp on local ordinances for landscaping requirements, such as screening of parking facilities from residential or adjoining commercial properties, and green-space requirements within the parking areas. That’s hugely important for development because of what municipalities require.  I would recommend him, absolutely. In fact, when it came to choosing all the plant materials for my own personal residence, I went to Tim.

- Ed Elskamp, Retired Manager of Site Planning Dept., Marshall Erdman & Associates, Madison, WI


We go back 20 years and Tim and I have worked on a wide variety of projects.  Tim is conscientious, detailed-oriented and thoughtful from an architectural standpoint, and he easily blends landscape design with architectural design. Tim is adept at acknowledging, understanding and implementing landscaping ordinances—that’s a critical element in getting a project approved. He handles himself extremely well at municipal hearings, where things can be difficult at times. Some of the projects we have worked on are controversial, where people look for fault or something they can rip you on, but he’s skilled at working in public scenarios, and is always ready to field any questions.

- John Curran, Senior Project Architect with Quorum Architects, Milwaukee, WI


We really enjoy working with Tim and his team. Their design approach matches our thoughts regarding the integration of landscape and building.  Their finished landscape product has, in all cases, greatly enhanced the value of the real estate we develop.

- Bob Monnat, CFO, Mandel Group, Milwaukee, WI