Commercial Client Testimonials



We really enjoy working with Tim and his team. Their design approach matches our thoughts regarding the integration of landscape and building.  Their finished landscape product has in all cases greatly enhanced the value of the real estate we develop. The additional benefit of utilizing Garland Alliance, Inc. as a design/build contractor keeps all the responsibility for constructing a finely designed landscape plan in the hands of the professional with the most critical eye for its proper execution.

- Bob Monnet, CFO, Mandel Group, Milwaukee, WI

Tim has flair; he’s an excellent designer. His site-development plans are organized and well thought-out, and his landscape plans are creative and, at the same time, functional.  Tim has a solid grasp on local ordinances for landscaping requirements, such as screening of parking facilities from residential or adjoining commercial properties, and green-space requirements within the parking areas. That’s hugely important for development because of what municipalities require.  I would recommend him, absolutely. In fact, when it came to choosing all the plant materials for my own personal residence, I went to Tim.

- Ed Elskamp, Retired Manager of Site Planning Dept., Marshall Erdman & Associates, Madison, WI

Tim developed a plan that met all the client’s desires and exceeded their expectations. He’s a pleasure to work with, very talented, and always focuses on the finished product and the customer’s happiness.  One of his big strengths is integrating the design of all the exterior elements with the architecture of the home. Plus, he provides one-stop-shopping for the customer.  He designs the landscaping and then administers the whole process to ensure the vision is realized. 

- Tony Enea, President, Ruvin Bros. Artisans & Trades Inc., Brown Deer, WI

We go back 25+ years and Tim and I have worked on a wide variety of projects.  Tim is conscientious, detailed-oriented and thoughtful from an architectural standpoint, and he easily blends landscape design with architectural design. Tim is adept at acknowledging, understanding and implementing landscaping ordinances—that’s a critical element in getting a project approved. He handles himself extremely well at municipal hearings, where things can be difficult at times. Some of the projects we have worked on are controversial, where people look for fault or something they can rip you on, but he’s skilled at working in public scenarios, and is always ready to field any questions.

- John Curran, Former Partner, TWP, Current Sr. Project Architect, Quorum Architects, Milwaukee, WI

Tim’s suggested plantings and hardscaping worked perfectly with our home design.  One of his greatest assets is his ability to listen. It’s been a great experience all around. No hassles. I would definitely recommend him to other architects. 

- Jorgen Hansen, Architect, Port City Studio, Port Washington, WI

Tim is not just creative, he’s an excellent communicator, especially when interacting with municipalities. He’s knowledgeable and convincing; people don’t question him. Normally we can wing it [at municipality hearings], but to have him lend his expertise will guarantee a slam dunk that the landscaping will not be an issue. He knows the code inside and out and designs to it, and gets the job done.  He believes in the European style of landscaping; we’re seeing more and more of that. You don’t have to plant a million pine trees and spend a fortune, you can do small groupings and mix it up, and achieve a greater impact.  As a result, we got more out of our budget.

- Brian Fisher, Project Manager, Anderson Ashton, New Berlin, WI

The kids love the front play area for the preschool here at the Nature Center. And that’s because of Tim. He listened to our ideas but also offered a lot of creative ideas of his own. He put in huge rocks for the kids to climb on and created a pool to collect rainwater; the water runs down the hill and rocks like a stream would in the wilderness. He created sand play areas nearby. He brought in a really cool concrete tunnel that the kids can climb through. We added garden areas for flowers and vegetables. In the summer, the kids take care of the gardens and, in the fall, we use the vegetables to make snacks. It’s a wonderful natural play area, not your typical playground. Tim came up with an affordable plan just for us and hired the contractors. I always recommend Tim; he’s creative, approachable and he knows his plants!

- Patti Bailie, Former Director, Schlitz Audubon Nature Preschool, Bayside, WI

Our outdoor play space had been landscaped 30 years ago and it was not at all conducive to having 30 to 40 toddlers running around on it. There weren’t many opportunities for learning either.  Tim completely re-landscaped this dated, grass-worn area into a safer, kid-friendly, durable place space full of fun and educational activities. 
Tim made it so much more inviting for the kids. He put in an artificial turf called lazy grass and added a padded, rubberized area around the swings with ABCs in it. The pathways are spongy, too.  Along the walls, he installed big chalk boards and dry-erase boards; the children can also use chalk on the paths. He created seating around the existing trees to make sure that they would continue to grow.  We have a water play area now, too—a table with six sinks where the children can play with sand and bubbles. There’s a giant frog that squirts water so the kids can run around in their bathing suits. Tim understood what we want to do, and that we had to keep costs to a minimum. He made sure that it was exactly what we wanted and also that it would last for years. The staff is thrilled and the kids love it. 

- Christine Johnson, Former Director of Development, Penfield Children's Center, Milwaukee, WI